About Us

Welcome PcW to your present for your future

We don’t often know what happened when our lives become more than we can handle. PEACE centered WHOLENESS is committed to helping you center your life on PEACE. Whether that is through counseling or spiritual companioning, Orlando and timone can journey with you.

Find Your Peace

DPcW Specializes in Clinical Counseling and Spiritual Companioning in an effort to help you find PEACE in the complications of life.

Our Counceling Style

Our counseling style is relaxing; inviting you to journey toward your peaceful center. Each session is tailored for the individual. No cookie-cutter counseling here.

Speaker and Storyteller

timone’s mission is to help others open their hearts and minds to the soul-saving power of God’s Grace, Love and Mercy. Her dynamic energy enhance her brand of teaching that engages one’s spirit through storytelling.

Guidance and Care

Orlando is a listening, compassionate therapist who has worked with individuals, families and couples for over 14 years. He believes that people have the capacity to change with a little guidance and care.